A melting pot of styles and techniques

It is known that artists live in a dreamworld and that Art is their reality determinating his/her lifeplan. That isn't any different in my case...
I'm a painter, sculptor, drawer and monumental designer. My roots are in Aruba and I'm considered to be one of the most famous artist painters of the Caribbean part of the Dutch Kingdom. According to art-critics and authorities my work has a 'bridge-function' between Aruba and the other parts of the Dutch Kingdom. Caribbean culture, music, religion and the House of Orange are my constant sources of inspiration.
Portrait painting is my specialty and Art in general gives meaning to my existence.

In 2007 I was - together with two other Antillian artists, José Capricorne and Nelson Carrilho - selected by an art commission of the Ministry of Internal and Kingdom Affairs to participate in their exposition Kroonjuwelen (Crown Jewels) in gallery De Leeuw in The Hague, during the Kingdom Games.

A couple of months earlier of that same year my artistry was recognized and I was awarded with a permanent place in the Aruba Hall of Fame along with the most famous people in Aruban history.
In 2006 I received the Aruba Artist of the Year award. I don't know what I owed all that credit to, but I was pleasantly surprised!
In november 2006 I had the honor of once again being introduced to Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands during the presentation of the commemorative coins I designed. This time on Aruba. Twenty years earlier during my post academic artstudies in Madrid I was first introduced to her as a very promising artist painter at a reception in the El Pardo Palace of the Spanish king.

Gustave Nouel (14-01-54) tel: 0570 622370 / 06 26804109
The newly built studios
CBK Ateliers De Plataan, Ramelestraat 6H, 7416 WV Deventer, the Netherlands

Technical  CV - GN (14-01-54) 

1977-1983: Academie Minerva (Groningen), Rietveld (Amsterdam) and AKI (Enschede), Holland. Recognized as exceptionally gifted and having a special talent during his academic training. (State exam AKI, with a commissioner from Rietveld academy and a solo-exhibition.)
Diploma: monumental designer, graphic design and specialization in painting.
1984-1986: Universidad Complutense de Madrid. (Post university doctor courses in painting in general and "portrait paintings from all times and cultures" in particular), Ciudad Universitaria, Madrid, Spain.
1987: Concluded his doctor studies in 1987 in Madrid with a one man exhibition. He was considered again as a promising artist.
His Art was officially presented by the Mayor of Madrid Juan Barranco Gallardo, as a bridge between Spain and the Dutch Antilles and was included in the collections of the Spanish Museo Municipal, Museo Provincial and Museo Cervantes ('Don Quijote'!)... 
Spain was a good "start" for his life-plan as an international professional artist (notwithstanding his skeptical worldview)!

My uncle Padu Lampe, 'the Aruban cultural father', considered a 'universal genius' in the Caribbean, is real family from my mother's side. Also the most famous cultural personality (late) Cola Debrot, writer, doctor and Governor of the Dutch Antilles, is family from my father's side. It seems I was born with artistic roots from both sides... Anyway, there was not much choice for my lifeplan, this 'divine madness' seems to be part of my genes.