Prices portraits

Prices normally are  between 1000 and 10.000 Euro.
Indication: A top-quality painting 60x80cm in oil-paint will cost 5000 Euro.
(Paintings in acrylic are cheaper / less expensive)
Waiting time for the paintings are normally within three months.
The commission and all relevant details are mentioned in the contract.
Before starting the painter receives 50% of the amount agreed and the rest when delivered.
Special commissions and group-portraits are also possible.
For quick paintings, speedpaintings or drawings there are other prices!

Small acrylic quicksketches (per head) starting from: 

24x18cm - in black&white for 150 Euro -         or in color for 300 Euro
24x30cm - in black&white for 200 Euro -         or in color for 400 Euro
30x40cm - in black&white for 250 Euro -         or in color for 500 Euro  

50x40cm - in black&white for 300 Euro -         or in color for 600 Euro 
(prices oil-paintings are more expensive)

Also live caricatures and/or street-quicksketches are possible for just:

10 Euro for a (5-10 minutes) caricature in charcoal or
20 Euro for a (15 minutes) quick-sketch in charcoal 
(the prices are double for drawings from a photo )

Photo: Commissioned by the Cabinet of the Governor of Aruba I was honored to make a painting of the first governor of Aruba.This painting got a special place at the entrance of the Cabinet of the Governor.