Mayor artistic activities 

2010: Nouel is invited to participate in Bonaire amongst the 20 visual artists in relation with the celebration of the new structure of the Dutch Kingdom.
2007: Nouel is honoured with a permanent place in the Aruba 'Hall of Fame',  amongst the ten most famous persons in Aruban history.
2006: Gustave Nouel is recognized with 'Artist of the year' award in Aruba.
2006: Nouel meets Queen Beatrix once more, at the minting ceremony of his design in Aruba.
2006: Nouel is commissioned by the Central Bank of Aruba to design the commemorative coin related to the Aruban Status Aparte, Flag and Hymn. 
2002-2005: Together with the Aruban Ministry of culture, Ministry of Tourism, Aruba Tourism Authorities, Aruban Institute of Culture, Does & Cadushi Travel, leading Dutch Art magazine PALET, Arte Aruba and other partners Nouel does a three year workshops pilot-project to stimulate art tourism and the cultural climate in Aruba.
1990-2005: Nouel JAZZ ART expositions at the North Sea Jazz Festival, Congress Centre, The Hague, Holland.
2002-2005: Presentations and promotion in almost all professional Kunst-Event art projects, Europe.
2001-2005: Nouel concentrates on the Dutch and European Art-world with workshops and expositions.
2000/2001: Cooperation with 'Artistic Impressions International Inc.' for projects between the U.S.A and Holland.
2000: At 'Artexpo New York 2000' in the Javits Convention Centre of New York, Nouel presents his 'New Biblical Art'. Supported by the 'AC G&G Foundation', the 'Prince Bernhard Fund', the Dutch ministry of Economic Affairs and the Chamber of Commerce of Deventer, NYC, U.S.A.
1999/2000: Continental Art Centre commissions Nouel to make an illustration for the Biblical inspired 'Millenniumverhalen' of Leen La Rivièra, included in a travel exposition in Europe.
1999 Promotional presentation 'Expo Cultura Arubano' solo-exposition: organized by the Royal Dutch 'Oranjevereniging' in cooperation with the Cabinet of the Plenipotentiary Minister of Aruba in the Main Library of Groningen. The Aruban Plenipotentiary Minister and the Cultural Deputy of Groningen open the exposition. Other authorities and even the Police Big Band participate in this grand opening, Holland.
1998: Governor of Aruba hands two-sided painting on glass, from Nouel to the Dutch Queen Beatrix, Holland.
1998: Exposition 'Cultura Arubano', in the Cabinet of the Plenipotentiary Minister of Aruba, The Hague, Holland.
1998: Mural for the Evangelic Church 'Bon Nobo', Pos Chiquito, Aruba. 1998: The Royal Dutch Marine ships Nouel's artwork to Holland on a warship, for official expositions of 'Expo Cultura Arubano' in Holland.
1997/99: Biblical Museum (Protestant congregation) commissions Biblical art, Oranjestad, Aruba.
1997: Mural/Installation and other commissions for the Central Bank, Aruba.
1997: Nouel paintings are used on brochure of the Government (D.P.O & P.B.R), Aruba.
1997: Commissioned for illustration schoolbook, Oranjestad, Aruba.
1996: Minister of Culture invites Nouel for an exposition at the Sport Hotel, for the occasion of Prince Willem Alexander's visit, to whom Nouel is introduced at the exposition, Aruba.
1996: Aruba Jazz & Latin Music Festival exposition and collective murals, Oranjestad, Aruba.
1996: Commission Nouel for mural in the ATV television building (Gloria & Gustave), Oranjestad, Aruba.
1996: Nouel makes the illustrations for an UNOCA booklet, 'Florence Wekker', Oranjestad, Aruba.
1996: Nouel designs first official poster (and logo) for the 'WORLD YOUTH FESTIVAL', Aruba.
1996: Nouel designs CD-Cover for Amy Mendez, Oranjestad, Aruba.
1996: Workshops for the UNESCO, The Ministry of Culture and Foundation Arte Aruba in Aruba.
1996: McCormick PLACE NORTH duo-exposition in Chicago (Gustave Nouel & Renwick Heronimo), U.S.A.
1996: CULTURAL AND ECONOMIC EXCHANGE ARUBA-NEW ORLEANS (Aruban Government gives a Nouel- painting to the burgomaster/mayor of New Orleans; Gustave travels to the USA in the Aruban delegation coordinating the Aruban participation in the Jazz and Heritage festival of New Orleans), U.S.A.
1995-97: Gustave leads 'Aruban Artists Striving For Harmony' with Gallery Harmonía, San Nicolas, Aruba.
1995: Invited to design stamps about 'ARUBAN CLOTHING', by Aruban Post Authority (PTT), Aruba.
1995: Nouel's design used for official Carnival poster & T-shirt for the S.A.C., Oranjestad, Aruba.
1995: Gallery Seaport Village, Oranjestad (coordination exposition Aruban artists by Nouel), Aruba.
1994: Nouel founds a group of Aruban artists , which is named 'Artists Striving For Harmony', Oranjestad, Aruba.
1994: Nouel's design used for official Jazz & Latin Music Festival poster, Oranjestad, Aruba.
1993: During the World Chess Championship a painting of Nouel is offered to the winner; Nouel meets Prince Frizo on this occasion in Zwolle, Holland.
1993/94/95: Nouel's paintings used for Jazz festival promotion and posters for Sibiu, Rumania.
1993: CULTURAL EXCHANGE: (Ministry of WVC, Foundation Deventer-Rumania and Municipality of Deventer): Nouel solo-exposition and JAZZ-ART workshop (only for artists) in Sibiu, Rumania.
1992: Nouel gives workshop: 'portrait painting all levels' World Expo, (Unoca), Oranjestad, Aruba.
1992: Nouel has the privilege to present his JAZZ ART at the World Expo Sevilla in the Dutch Pavilion.
1991: Nouel 'JAZZ ART' workshop for last year academy students and artists, (with Cultural Affairs), Curaçao.
1991: Nouel gives Workshop 'portrait painting all levels'; C. C. Concordia, Enschede, Holland.
1991: Nouel presents his 'JAZZ ART' at 'Nicolas Salmeron' supported by the Spanish and Aruban authorities and the UNOCA.
1990: HONOR AL MERITO (Award for merits) of Sociedad Bolivariana, Aruba. 1990: HONOR AL MERITO (Award for merits) of C.A.V.A., Aruba.
1989: STATIEPORTRET (official portrait): commissioned by the Cabinet of the Governor of Aruba.
1988/89: DELTAHONK, Deventer (Performance mural commission), Holland.
1988: Nouel Einstein-painting instrumental for promotion of Lebuïnuskerk restoration, Deventer, Holland.
1987: The cabinet of the Aruban Plenipotentiary Minister in The Hague, gives a painting of Nouel to the Dutch Royal House, (golden anniversary of Prince Bernhard and Princes Juliana) Holland.
1987: CIRCULO DE BELLAS ARTES grants Nouel the 'most talented participant award' scholarship for a workshop, there is also an exhibition, Madrid, Spain.
1987: PREMIO FERROL: once again Nouel is selected for the travel exposition through Spain.
1987: First personal 'contact' with the Dutch Royal House; Nouel is officially introduced as a promising artist to Queen Beatrix, during a reception in the palace of the Spanish King.
1986: PREMIO FERROL: Nouel included for international travel exposition through Spain.
1986: Nouel's design is selected for the official 'DISCOVERY OF AMERICA' -poster; a parallel exposition is organized by the Municipality Madrid, Spain.
1986: The Municipality selects Nouel's design for a Mural on the Olympic Swimming Pool of Madrid.
1986: Municipality of La Elipa includes painting of Nouel in its collection.
1986: MUSEO CERVANTES includes painting of Nouel in its collection, Madrid, Spain.
1986: PROVINCIAL MUSEUM OF MADRID: José Louis Garcia Alonso, the Minister of Culture of the autonomy of Madrid, receives painting by Gustave for the museum's collection, Madrid, Spain.
1986: MUNICIPAL MUSEUM OF MADRID: Juan Barranco Gallardo, Mayor of Madrid, receives painting by Gustave for the museum's collection, Madrid, Spain.
1985/86: Nouel gives workshops to Spanish art academy students at C.M. San Augustin, Madrid, Spain.
1984: With a special scholarship from the Netherlands Antilles, Nouel starts his doctoral art courses at the famous 'Universidad Complutense de Madrid' in Spain.
1984: The Aruban Government offers artwork of Gustave Nouel to the presidents of Colombia, Venezuela and the Dominican Republic as a symbol of friendship.
1983: STICUSA organizes a traveling solo-exposition of Nouel in Aruba and the Netherlands Antilles.
1981: Included in promotional traveling expositions; collection of the 'Dutch' STICUSA